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Hot Tar Roofing Contractors in Dallas – Flat Roof Specialists

Hot Tar Roofing is and older roofing system but is still widely used today.  Some in the industry refer to it as Built-up Roofing.  This roofing system is quite popular among Dallas property managers of commercial and industrial buildings.  There are multiple layers of membranes, which creates a water resistant and resilient roof that is durable for years to come.  Commercial Roofing of Dallas is one of the top flat roof experts in the area that can install hot tar roofing systems for your commercial business.

Benefits of Hot Tar Roofing

  • Creates a watertight barrier offering years of protection
  • Affordable roofing compared to other flat roof types
  • Allows for various application and surfacing options
  • Durability and protects against wear from mechanical equipment, solar panels, foot traffic and other activities on the rooftop
  • There is a high fire rating for Hot Tar Roofing
  • There are multiple layers for backup protection if damage occurs
  • It is inexpensive to fix if the top layer becomes damaged
  • Relatively low maintenance costs

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Hot Tar Roofing Systems

Hot Tar roofing includes the process of a layering effect that consists of a combination of materials to develop a durable, water resistant roof.  Some commercial and industrial building managers in Dallas consider this type of roofing as one of the most durable flat roofing solution. When you hire a professional roofing contractor to properly install a built-up roofing and perform regular maintenance, it can last from 15 to 25 years.  2-ply, 3-ply and 4-ply are common applications when it comes to industrial and commercial buildings in Dallas.  This roofing system can be installed with different depths to accommodate unique roofing needs and budgets.

Dallas Hot Tar Roofers & Flat Roofers

If you’re looking into a Hot Tar Roof, schedule your free hot tar roofing estimate today and we’ll find the best roofing solution for your commercial or industrial building.  Whether you’re in need of a roofing repair or are in the market for a new hot tar roofing system, we are your go-to contractor.  Our Dallas Commercial Roofing Contractors have years of experience serving customers throughout the DFW area and are know as one of the leaders in flat roof systems.

Hot Tar Roofing Contractors Dallas Texas

Hot Tar Roofers in Dallas – Flat Roof Experts

We are your trusted source for Hot Tar Roofing within the Dallas / Fort Worth region: Irving, Garland, Plano, Arlington, Farmers Branch, Mesquite, Grand Prairie, Richardson, Highland Park, University Park, Balch Springs, Duncanville, Addison, Carrollton, Garland, Lancaster, DeSoto, Rowlett and the surrounding area.

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